Callsign search bar

(This is my first post here sorry if I do anything wrong!)

Ok here is my suggestion:

When doing a realistic flight Ex: United KSFO to PHOG and you want to have United (number) as your callsign you have to scroll all the way down the list of different airlines and callsigns to choose from.

What I am proposing is that there should be a search feature so you can quickly find the callsign you want!

(If I did anything wrong please tell me)

I totally agree with you! Got my vote!

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I do think this is a minor thing to add but it would be very convenient

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Referring to this by any chance? If so, feel free to vote on that.

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Ironically in the comments there is another one

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That one is closed and cant necessarily be used anyway. The one I linked has a pretty healthy amount of votes.


This is very similar to this feature request linked below. Please continue in this topic: