Callsign Search Bar

Hello Community
I’d like to put in a request for a Callsign Search Bar. Our fleet is expanding at a very fast pace and with new aircraft in the works, the list will only get longer. I’ve lost count by now but I’m thinking we have way over 300 liveries so far.
Reasons why we need this:

  1. We already have a search bar for Airport, Fix, NDB, VOR etc.
  2. It would simplify our UI even more
  3. It would give the Callsign menu a fresh new look
  4. Feel free to add your own reasons in the reply as to why this would be useful

We’d could search for the Callsign by searching the IATA, ICAO, Callsign Screenshot_2019-08-07-19-29-50%5B1%5D

Personally, I don’t see the trouble in scrolling to find the airline. It’s already in alphabetical order so as long as you know your ABCs it really shouldn’t be that hard. The search bars on the maps are there because it would take forever to have to find your intended waypoint or airport. Honestly, it would probably take just as long to type in the airline than to just scroll down. That’s just my opinion, but I do like the creativity of this feature request!