Callsign Scooter 72

If you had the callsign Scooter 72 at KMIA just now, please pm me. I want to talk about what happened :)


Did he have a better landing than you?
Was his username "“the real Bluepanda900”

we deserve to know


I was ATC, so I suppose so.

Maybe… But I wouldn’t know. WHich is why I need to contact him Dushyyyy


@Ryan_Norton is your guy.

He hasn’t been active since May. Unlikely that you’ll get a hold of him.

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Sent a pm nonetheless.

Hey, any reason there was no answer back from atc on my approach and final into KMIA just before?
Made numerous attempts at contacting with no response.
This is not the first time this has happened, the last time I was ghosted but with no record of it.

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