Callsign question

I changed my call sign after I spawned in but it is still saying my previous callsign when before it did not. Has this changed?

This might seem obvious but did you click the ok button or the back button.

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Either way I would restart the app and try updating it before a flight and make sure you press ok which in theory should update it.

Just tried myself, and your callsign does indeed change, even if you have already started your flight. Please ensure that you actually save your callsign by clicking “OK” in the bottom right corner, as opposed to clicking the back button. After clicking “OK” you should see your updated callsign.

I did click ok and now I’m in the air so there’s no point in trying to restart.

@naro should be more specific. It does change but when I announce my intention it uses my old callsign. A new reply will be made with a video of the problem

Right on, a video may be helpful. I just checked, changing my callsign multiple times on unicom and have had no issues. Nevertheless, as Zachary mentioned, a restart of the app should do the trick regardless of what’s going on here.

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@TylerShah yeah feel free to continue flying, I only recommend an app restart and press ok when updating. You’ll see an arrow symbol that spins in a circle. Shortly after that your new callsign should be updated.

Here is a link and I’ll do a restart after I land. It’s not a big deal was just curious if something has changed

Nope, nothing has changed! As Naro said you you can change your callsign in a flight. However upon watching the video, you never showed us the process you took to try and change it.

Do you see the problem I’m talking about?

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Regardless as I recommended try restarting the app after your flight and make sure to press the [ok] button.

It’s working now :)

@TylerShah Glad this worked for ya!