Callsign question

I’m a little unsure of the new callsign management system… how do I make my screen name my callsign in the game? Must I link infinite flight community with the game to change my callsign? And if so why is not my callsign being used from my user profile… just my infinite flight profile name?! Little wonky I’d say?..

The new call sign system does not allow for you to make your own custom callsign. You either must have a country: ex: N321VA (USA) 4X-EDJ (Israel), C-GWSX (Canada). The point is, you cannot have your own custom letters anymore without that prefix. If you would not like to have a letter callsign, you can choose an airline as normal.

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With the new callsign restrictions in place, you cannot make your username your callsign. You could however use the callsign M-IKEY. M- is the Isle of Man Country Code.

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You cannot do that anymore with the new system. However, you can link your community account to have your community name show up, but your call sign must be like what I said above


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