Callsign question!

How do you get the callsign’s like @Will_A’s I can’t fly?

How do you get that?

Can someone help me out!

I paid a staff member $100, then they gave me the key to the chest of makeitfree city. I then took the treacherous journey across the rivers of complaints and the mountains of “when will it be released”.

I found the chest, opened it up, and was greeted with a beautiful new callsign.


Wait for real?

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Of course not! 😂

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Oh so how do you get it then

There may be some pilots who have never changed their callsign who are grandfathered in before the restriction is in place.

There is no way for you to get the ability currently.

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But when do I get it?

Do I get it when I get to Grade 5?

You can’t. People who had that Callsign before the rule still have it if they didn’t change it. Now, you cannot have a Callsign like that.

Oh so your saying it’s a rule now that you can’t have that!

Yes. If you try typing in a Callsign with more than 8 characters, the game won’t allow you to use it. This rule used to not exist, so people with Callsign from before the rule still have their Callsigns.

You can! But it’s hard to get (only staff member can do those callsign)

@ThomasThePro what do you mean you can?

Staff and mods can.

But Will has it though

He was given it by a moderator.

Because a staff (mod) member did it for him! :D

Can I have it though?

Basically the short answer is no…


Oh okay!!!