Callsign (phonetic)

Good evening hope all is well. would it be cool for IF to use phonetic call signs like speedbird2V heavy or ryanair7AU. i cant find a similar topic to this. this is how we do things here in the EU so just for realism.

keep up the good work.

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We had this before, but it was removed.

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Hey, do you mean the lower case letters, or do you mean the words read out?

Both of these were phased out do to abuse of the privilege. This was mostly inappropriate callsigns.

Although, there is a topic to bring it back. This would only happen if a proper system was implemented to avoid abuse, check it out below.


This is a duplicate. Please vote here

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lower case. sad to see people abuse it. just something to have a think about for the near future. even have only on expert server. thanks for replying so fast.

Vote on the original request, please and thanks!