Callsign Not Being Grandfathered

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Version Information

20.02.00 (468)

Device Information

Apple iPhone SE (2020)
iOS 14.0.1


I reverted to the RTM build to check on something, and after going to 20.02.00 (468) afterwards, it seems my callsign wasn’t grandfathered in.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Download RTM
  • Download 20.02.00 (468)

Expected results

Callsign from 20.1 stays.

Actual results

Callsign from 20.1 didn’t stay.

This is likely due to a compatibility change. 20.1 is using a different callsign and display system then 20.2. It will stay the same since it is running the old system. It doesn’t recognize the callsign you can say and stays the same. It’s not meant to be grandfathered right now.

Well, the issue is before today, my 20.1 callsign carried over to 20.2 perfectly fine. But today, I got stuck with a standard 20.2 callsign.

Yeah it won’t revert back after you are on this new system. Once you have it in there’s no going back. It is only compatible for the versions you’ll be on.

I think I may have not made things a bit clear on my end. I know that the callsign formats are different and whatnot, but what I’m saying is my 20.1 callsign was supposed to be carried over to 20.2 (like it had been in all the previous builds), but today, it wasn’t. I never touched my callsign at all. It just went poof.

Same to me, unfortunately. I heard that other people was able to switch back and I decided to give it a try but it won’t switch back anymore.

Did it change to a random generated callsign?

Yeah. If I revert to 20.1, it shows OMG-HAI, but redownloading 468 gives me something else.

It must be a beta thing. Once 20.2 is pushed you can’t go back to 20.1 so I don’t really see it as an issue as it’s only a small little itch in beta. Probably won’t be fixed. Beta isn’t meant to flow correctly 100 percent so we have to endure some small annoying stuff especially when things are being changed from one system to another.

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There aren’t many people that will use 20.1 and 20.2 at the same time. Plus a mod has said that 20.1 will be disabled after 20.2 release. So this is not necessary.
I can reproduce this though. My long haul phone is currently still on 20.1 (cuz I wanted to do a special flight with old AC livery lol)

Yes this happens me to, i really want my old callsign back :(

iPad 7th gen
iOS 14.0
Build 20.2 (468)

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