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Hi everyone. I would like to change my callsign in IF as I had before so now I appear as Ricardo SF but I want to change to IF-Y4MXVOI.

Who can help me with that guys?

Thank you.

Did you have this callsign before 20.2?

After 20.2 came out, realistic callsigns were implemented. Unless you didn’t change it since before 20.2, in that case it would be grandfathered in, there’s not much you can do to get it back.


Yes I had it before 20.2 and I didn’t change it. Is it possible your help?

You didn’t change it at all?

Unfortunately if it’s gone, it’s gone. I cannot nor can anyone else you. Time to adopt a new callsign I guess!

Unless “IF-” is a countries registration and you can add all those characters behind it, but I’m 99.99% sure that isn’t a thing

😩 🥺 ok what can I say 😞😔

Yeah, sorry! I had to adopt a new callsign as well. You can get creative still though. My callsign, AP-ORT, comes from the Pakistan registration and the 3 letters allowed behind it.

Please don’t copy it 😉😂

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Ok let me thing in something new. 🤔 Thank you!!!

I think you’re talking about your display name, not the callsign. Display names have been removed and are now replaced by your Infinite Flight Community username (in your case, Ricardo_SF). You can change your username, if you like, and that will appear in the simulator instead. To do so, send a PM to the @ moderators group and they’ll sort it out for you.

Alternatively, you can disable the option “Show Username In-Flight” so that other users will not be able to see your Infinite Flight Community username. To do so, head over to “Settings”, then “Live” and untick the box.

A callsign is something you select from the ‘Callsign’ tab. It can be either an airline callsign (Speedbird 123) or a GA callsign, like VP-MAX.

For more on the removal of display names:

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Well then never mind lol.

Yeah, as Maxim said, if we are talking about display names and have it connected to the IFC, you show up as your username here.

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That’s exactly that I want to change 😃

You cannot change it as it matches your forum username. You can request to change your username here on the IFC but you are only eligible to change it one time.

Cool! In that case, send a PM to the @moderators group. To do so, simply click on the tag in this message and click “Message”. Tell them that you want to change your username here on the forum and I’m sure they’ll change it for you.

Be aware, that this will change your username here on the forum too not just in the simulator. Choose wisely! :)

Thank you so much Maxim I sent a message to moderator thank you. 😊

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Sorry I got the wrong thing, glad Maxim hoped in!

I think you may be confused between IFC name and callsign.

The IFC name is the name you see, well in IFC, but will also see it in the app if your profile is linked.
Your callsign you can change on your own in the APP. While the app did get away from freeform text fields there are a number of options to choose from.

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