Callsign letters

We can have lower case letters in callsign? Like display name. People will not write bad words, and bad words can be banned like display name. Display name can have lower case letters, so callsign can have lower case letters?

This will probably not be added due to abuse even with the filter

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Unfortunately it doesn’t work like this. If people were all nice we would still have lowercase letters for callsigns

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but why display name can have lower case letters?

Display name is different then a callsign.

Display name = (IF name or whatever you want)

Callsign = (Your Flight Number)

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The display name isn’t pronounced by ATC. People will use sounds that don’t spell a bad word but sound exactly like a bad word and then ATC will hear it and say it and then all other pilots can hear it

Only important people in the community can have those callsigns! ;)

then we can have list of lower case letter words we can use. People can choose from the list if they want to use the words in the callsign.

That is a possibility. It would be hard to implement due to how creative people will get to say something bad but it’s a good idea

That, and those who haven’t changed their callsigns from the days when you could do this.

I don’t think this will happen due to the extremely high likelihood of people abusing it and having inappropriate callsigns.

This use to be a thing until it was heavily abused. And as mentioned by community members already, this was indeed the case. That being said, its is extremely unlikely we’ll see this return.

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