Callsign letter restrictions

So me and @Kryzlot are trying to figure out how to make my display name FDXVA IFC-Suhas Jatla but it’s too many characters. However @Kryzlot found this person up front and how on earth did they fit this? Someone please help. Also we tried pretty much everything- no dashes, no spaces and what not. It works without spaces but then it becomes IFCFDXVA Suhas Jatla which is pretty confusing.
Here’s the pic

That’s their display name along with their callsign.

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Ok, but still how did they fit that

The first one is the display name.
The second one is the callsign as shown in this picture below. You probably got the display name and callsign confused.

This isn’t his account I edited mine

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Because callsigns and display names do not have the same character limit


Also, @Suhas, your issue might be affected by the case.

Lowercase letters take up less space than uppercase letters, hence one being able to fit more lowercase letters into a display name than uppercase letters.


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