Callsign how does this work

I already have a callsign (airlines xxx) but not in general aviation. Have! any ideas? Or! so how does it work in life! real please

and for Heavy and Super (What’s the difference)
and Flight of X (What’s the difference)+

Flight of x is for formation flights

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Can be whatever you want.

No real difference between super and heavy. It’s meant for wide bodies, and jumbos. Wide bodies get heavy, jumbos get super i believe:)
And adding on to what @Scandanavian54super said.
Yes what he said is right. However when communicating with ATC in a group flight all participants must have Flight of X and only one will communicate with ATC

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Here you go:

Hey there!

Having “heavy” or “super” after your callsign denotes that your aircraft will produce excessive wake turbulence. In IF, since this is not simulated, it basically means your plane is big.

Flight of XX is used for formation flights. When you are flying in formation with someone else and have flight of XX in your callsign, only one of you needs to talk with ATC. This is not for all group flights. Only for formation flights. All members must have it in their callsign.


Okay thx. I would like to play in a group with other players

Heavy-A330, A340, A350, B747, B757, B767, B777, B787, MD-11, DC-10



Just have a look in the #live:groupflights and you can see all of the groupflights that are going on!

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Remember that what @Scandanavian54super said is absolutely false. This is only for formation flights, not group flights. Can you rephrase your original question please?

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very interesant for ATC communication

Sorry, meant to say formation flights not group flights, my bad

Heavy is for large aircraft. Super is for extra large aircraft, which in IF would be the A380.

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what is use flight of 1/ 2 / 3…?

Flight of 2 means that you and one other person are in a formation flight. Both of you have to have flight of 2 in your callsign. When contacting ATC, only one of you has to communicate. You will both follow the instructions.

You increase the number for the amount of people that are in your flight.


Say you’re in a flight with 2 aircraft. Flight of 2, 3,4…ect

This video explains it well

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very well con otherwise can you explain to me how a callsing ➡️ général aviation
why XX000X

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No need to repeat yourself. We all saw the link the first time.

This is for formation flights only

You may want to check this out!


There are no specific rules for making a GA callsign other than it must be below 8 characters. Letters will be said using the Phonetic Alphabet.