Callsign Havoc


If you are a pilot of any livery please change your callsign before you begin your flight to that airline or livery as it difficult for air traffic controllers to recongize who you are. It also clogs up the voice of the ATC when your call sign is NTJDI35 because the ATC voice has to actually say “november tango juliett delta thirty five” which takes a lot longer. A great callsign for example could be, American 253 or United 230 Heavy because the ATC voice only has to say the word and then the ID. It also just looks more professional, but if you are flying in a private livery then I guess than could be an exception to have NDTDKDSGE or something like that as your callsign. But overall, it makes the controllers life easier as it can identify you easier. Thanks!


It’s not even the fact it’s annoying to hear all these stupid call signs non stop as a controller. What really bugs me is the total lack of respect to everyone else while these are used.


Yeah but I think that its better than a random callsign just for the sake of the controller

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I completely agree with this concept. Another thing that this problem messes up even more is visual controlling. When an aircraft requests pushback with the call sign “American 371”, I visually check the surrounding of the aircraft to ensure proper clearance. However, I am looking for an aircraft with the American Airlines livery. I look all over until I realize that the plane I was looking for was flying a United livery. This and complete nonsense call signs both make for a confusing session as ATC.


And remember, commercial aviation would have the airline then number (ex. United xxx), NOT a GA number (Ex. NY1V4). Also, to enhance the realistic experience, I don’t think US Airways is used anymore. When flying US Airways A320, 757 use American xxx, not Cactus xxx


Mine is JG1988, any problem with that? It covers any aircraft and is short? I’m aware its not super realistic but its a game after all.

So what do you want us to do with Pan Am? People like to go retro sometimes… ;)


mmh… i hope IF put a Airline personnalize

at the list of airlines in callsign options, please add “Personnalise” and then seems like :

Airline , Flight, Suffix
Unidted, 253, Super

my request is :

Airline, Flight, Suffix
other, nnn, ABC

like for me :
TravelSky, 2, LS
and atc said “TravelSky 2 Lima Sierra”

[personnalized airline] [flight number] [suffix], with you.

looks like

[TravelSky] [2] [SL], with you,

and ATC said “TravelSky Two Sierra Lima, with you”

What does the ‘LS’ Suffix mean?

I don’t really know ;) up to you guys… American and US Airways did merge though, so their operations would be under American’s name.

k"L"ax- k"S"an
one of my VA flights you can find in the website.

Also, this brings up another good point. DO NOT use any of the suffixes unless there is a reason. Case in point, I see 737s with “Super” afterwards. If I remember correctly, ONLY 767s (sometimes), 777s, 747s, 787s (maybe), and A330s, A340s have “HEAVY” after airline (ex. Thai xxx Heavy). To my knowledge, ONLY A380s has “SUPER” suffix. It is confusing and unrealistic when people put those suffixes after an A320 or 737. Also, Flight of x should ONLY be used when escorting, and when ONLY ONE aircraft is communicating with ATC. The purpose of the suffix is to alert ATC that in fact x aircraft would like to land together. When this is not used correctly, it can become quite confusion. Hope this info helps!


for me, “flight of X” is for a group of formation flight, all use the same callsign, but for differency,


plane 1 : FORMATION
plane 2 : FORMATION flight of 2
plane 3: FORMATION flight of 3 etc…

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I think the b757 uses ‘Heavy’ on occasion as well, though not sure if the version we have in IF is an applicable version though!


I believe that is incorrect. I’m not an expert, but I believe all of you should be Air Force xxx Flight of 3

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Yes, but it is more to help ATC than anything else. It tells them if you are a GA or commercial airliner. To be quick use the same number in your GA and Commercial name (Ex. NYxxZ and Airline xx)

But then I have to change it every time 👎

yep, but its not really an effot, also you can change it once ‘in the game’!

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Oh can you?? I didn’t realise, my god note the date and time, I learned something from the forum haha. How do you change it one flying?

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