Callsign formatting issue

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Version Information

20.2 (465)

Device Information

iPad Air 3
iPadOS 14.0


Unable to change the callsign ending with a letter that is used in real life when selecting the country code of China (such as B-304D, which is the identifier of the China Eastern A359 modeled in IF). The formatting rule for China should be 1234、12AB、123A、12A3、1234A.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Enter account settings
  • Change callsign
  • General Aviation tab
  • Select country code - China (B-)
  • Change the ID ending with a letter

Expected results

Successfully changed the callsign.

Actual results

Informs that the callsign is invalid.

More Information

Aircraft registered in the People’s Republic of China traditionally have had “B-” followed by four digits.

  • B-0000 to B-9999

Since 2018, the following registration schemes are also in use:

  • B-000A to B-999Z (General)
  • B-00A0 to B-99Z9 (General)
  • B-00AA to B-99ZZ (General)
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I was able to reproduce. I don’t think this is a glitch however, I think the staff may have just put the incorrect callsign for China, or just stuck with the 4 numbers.


Same issue
Also I can’t put 0 in my callsign when I choose China(B-) as my country code

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Similar issue here where I can’t put zero’s in RP-C (Philippines)


China and the Philippines are fixed, restart your app and it should work. Thanks for the report!