Callsign Error

Device: IPad Air 2
Operating system: Latest OS

I tried using the callsign Passion Air ie. Passion but i get an error saying the value you are updating is not valid (code 12). I tried other callsigns but they all updated correctly.

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@Stunna you may have to context @schyllberg for this problem you may find him as the solution of your error code thanks for the report

This is probably due to the word “ass” being in the callsign. Passion Air

Well i guess that explains it then.

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I dont think IF filters callsigns. It may filter GA Callsign but not for airline.


I see the problem here.

No need to tag Seb until we are unable to fix the issue. He will see the support topic when he can. But most probably we will need his support because it seems like an internal error.

We’re trying to help him with his support not waiting for a moderator to help him right away

Maybe you should read my message again, But thats just my opinion.

Yeah let’s not make that joke again 😒


Sorry, it was my inner joker, it won’t happen again…

Hi, thanks for the report. We’ve fixed this now and all new callsigns should be usable without this error

Sorry for the inconvenience!


@Cameron Good day! And apologies if my message is off topic but I have some issues when I updated my IF a few days ago and it says Infinite Flight can’t get your account statistics… It would be lovely if it can be solved! Thanks!

Hi @IFPHG-Linbert_Ecube, please create a separate topic to get help with your issue. Thanks!

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