Callsign Display Issue

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Version Information

20.2 (465)

Device Information

Huawei P30
Emui version 10.1.0
Android 10


Turkish Airlines Cargo on Callsign section can not be selected. It automatically corrects as the standard “Turkish Airlines” even if you want to choose “Turkish Airlines Cargo”. Ive tried it with other Cargo airlines and they all showed the “Cargo” name, except for Turkish.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • select Account section
  • select callsign
  • Select Turkish Airlines Cargo: not working, corrects as Turkish Airlines
  • Restart IF and tried again: not working
  • Restart Phone and launched IF to try again: not working

Expected results

When selecting “Turkish Airlines Cargo” it should appear Turkish Cargo XXX.

Actual results

When selecting “Turkish Airlines Cargo” it corrects back to “Turkish XXX”

More Information

Do you have a source that actually says Turkish Cargo uses a different callsign than Turkish?

No, but other Airlines have the same issue as well. Like Etihad Cargo is displayed as Etihad only. Lufthansa instead has standard and Cargo option which is tbh a bit strange to me that others don’t have this option as well.

Turkish Cargo uses the callsign “Turkish”, same as their commercial passenger carrying operations


We’re probably not going to fix this issue in this update I’m afraid (it’s because the callsigns are the same) but thank you for the report, we’ll update this in the future