Callsign 'DEATH'

I don’t know what to say here… So I’ll leave it up to the website 😂.


That’s Schyllberg’s secret transport to the Death Star.


Really? Didn’t know that B-2’s had warp drives…

All jokes aside, this is pretty funny!

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Lol. I just find it funny that us brits did this.

I have seen them under callsign REAPER
Although maybe thats their B52s not B2s

What did we do?

Umm… Maybe this? 🙄

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Are the callsigns not set before hand or are they set by British authorities?

I don’t know, it doesn’t say 😂

Callsigns like this are chosen and approved by the squadron that the aircraft is assigned to which would then be approved by the FAA.

There are some fun Air Force callsigns out there! I’ll refrain from sharing since most of the fun is due to the fact that they’re far from appropriate.


Haha I did not know this!

Thanks for explaining Tyler!

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No problem! Just to elaborate since it was a partial answer and I find this stuff interesting:

Most squadrons have a list of assigned callsigns that have to do with their heritage or assigned airframes. Using Moody’s A10 squadron as an example, with their history as the “Flying Tigers” they have callsigns like TIGER, BENGAL, and HAWG. Beyond those more canned callsigns the pilot will typically pay for/bid on customized callsigns. This almost always serves as a way to raise funds for the squadron (probably to keep the bar stocked 😉).

The callsigns bid on are usually ones that a pilot has inherited by doing something stupid in their early years, given to them by a friend/instructor, or just a nickname. A few of those have been BASHER, DAZZLE, BOYISH, GUNSLINGER, DEATH, and a few others I’ll omit.


Have you seen anyone who has one of the “top gun” callsigns?

I haven’t yet, no!


This gives me an idea… 🤔. Hmmm, I fly a ur… Piper PA-28, right?

Why do I always get perfect timing for coming back active? (I literally just opened the IFC after over an hour.)

I’ll take a look, since there can be fairly funny ones, but in all fairness I’d just get used to EC123 for the time being 😂

Suites the name of the planes

We are in #real-world-aviation, not IF here mate :)

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Sorry. I forgot

A friend of mine flew F4s and F18s for the Marines, thought it was Navy for some weird reason AANNYYWWAAYYSS They will not give anyone a top gun callsign and if you make a top gun reference you owe the squadron 50 dollars.