Callsign choose

So, if anyone has an idea for a callsign, comment their idea!

Related on IF and to my username

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Because star wars.

“Marker” Because black lines

As an Infinite Flight related callsign, “Wizzed” as in WSD for “wrong sim, dude.” (Talking about the profile pic 😏)

I’m doing it the way the USAF does it 😉

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Lemme switch it

Fixed it! And also a callsign that can be put in the IF server

Yeah, was kinda joking. N1BL? The 1 looks like a black line

Hmm nice idea, thanks.

Does any country use the code B_. If so, maybe B-LACK.

Hmm, nice idea

Because I can’t do all letters, I went with B-15CK

There’s Hong Kong which is B-L but you can only add 2 letters.

Like how my callsign B-LITZ cannot be used anymore but luckily I have it still from pre 20.3.

I think a 4 would look better in the place of the 5, thats my opinion though


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