Callsign changes it self

Just wondering if this is normal.
I am flying for virtual Norwegian and i use our callsign which is Nor Shuttle and every flight when i want to change the numbers on the callsign it jumps to British Airways (domestic) callsign by it self and can be anoying to fly with wrong callsign.

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I’m gonna need alittle more information.

Are you trying to change ur current call sign to something else and it is changing?

If so make sure your press done until you see your callsign ingame or on the top right of your screen.

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@Batuhanustun10 I just tested this out. It shouldn’t cause any problems because it still keeps your callsign as Nor Shuttle in the game, but just appears as British Airways - Domestic in the Callsign Change feature of the app. This is most likely because they’re somehow affiliated with each other. This goes the same for Delta’s regional carriers, as well as United and American’s. If this not the case for you, please let us know with some screenshots!

Can you show us the screen while flying that shows what you are seeing?

Hi Cooper thanks for your comment, but if i just change the number it says ”shuttle” as callsign and not ”nor shuttle”. I need to scroll down the list and choose Norwegian Air Shuttle in the list every time!

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@Batuhanustun10 Ahhhh, I see now. Since the game changed it to British Airways - Shuttle, it’s making the change to “Shuttle (number)” instead of “Nor Shuttle (number).” In this case, you must change it back to Nor Shuttle after changing the number. My only solution to fix this is to change it back every time, since there’s no way to not make that change since the game is doing it. I’m sorry :(

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