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I changed my callsign from my personal callsign for one flight and I cannot see how to change it back to my personal callsign. I had this callsign for years Trev77

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Since before the addition of global flight, pilots have had the option to set both a display name and a call sign to uniquely identify themselves. While this kind of flexibility can be fun and entertaining from a user perspective, it can also pose some difficult challenges from a community standpoint. Starting with 20.2 this feature is being retired.

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

How do I link my IFC name?

Is linking my IFC name required?

No, linking your IFC in your IF profile is not required.

Can I keep my old display names or callsign?

No, display names are not showing starting with the 20.2 version

How do I share what VA I am in?

If linked, your IF profile will show your organization that is selected in your IFC profile. You can edit this by going to your profile -> “Preferences” -> “Profile” and editing the Virtual Organization field.

If you are part of multiple organizations you can change this option for each flight you are doing.

This is version 1 of this functionality and will be improved on in future releases.

I do not see my VA/VO listed.

The organization list on the IFC is populated from the IFVARB approved list of organizations.

For more information please check out the blog article announcing this change.


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