Callsign Change

So I was ATC in Miami doing my tracking thread and this guy shows up as Air France 589 I give him permission to pushback and he responds as United 589 I attached a screenshot to show you.


He has changed his callsign during the time he responded.


He proably changed his callsign prior to pushback


But he never left the game do you have to to change a call sign

You can change your callsign by pausing your sim and tapping your name at the top right of the screen.

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Oh I never knew that thanks 🙏

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You can change your callsign at any point by clicking the pause button and going to the top right where it says your username. From there you can see your grade table and change your callsign.

He likely heard it while requesting pushback and changed it in that time before acknowledging and realised he hasn’t changed it from his last flight.

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You don’t have to leave your flight to change your callsign :) . He most likely paused it to change it

This could be 1 minute mythbusters program on tv :D

You were lucky…if he had gone to settings and switched to “Stealth Mode” you might not have seen him at all…oh that’s right I forgot that you need to enter a security code to access that first…since l use it so often !