Callsign Change - ATC

I propose a feature on ATC that relates to callsign changes.

Okay. You load into a server, and remember you forgot to change your callsign just as you are already taxiing. It’s awkward to change your callsign as the controller would be confused. What do you do?
Therefore I suggest an ATC command which says ‘–, Request Callsign Change’, and then when the callsign has been changed, there is a command saying ‘X Frequency, callsign is --’.
This would stop pilot-controller confusion, and ensure more smooth running of an airport/airspace.

Following on from this, there should also be a command where a controller can ask a pilot to change their callsign.

For example, there is a pilot flying solo in a Dash 8, with the callsign ‘-- Super/Heavy/Flight of 2’. Obviously these are inaccurate and due to these false callsigns other pilots or controllers may be confused. Therefore I propose a command as follows:
‘–, please change your callsign, it is unrealistic’

Obviously the wording of such commands could be changed, but this is my basic proposal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am open to questions.


Does this happen on real life ATC frequencies?

Not a terrible idea. I think it would be best to keep wished ATC commands in this thread:


Totally not realistic. Bad idea. The goal of Infinite Flight is to aim towards realism.


Yes, but say you have a 172 with the callsign Turkish 45 Super, is that realistic?

It’s up to the Pilot to set up correct callsigns not the ATC should be part of the checklist before calling pushback.

@Declan_Moody… MaxSez: Apparently you missed the basics along the way. I suggest you revise your pre-flight check list to include “Proper Call Sign” in the pre-Flight Section. Remember, prior to push be ready to rock and roll. Regards


Neither is “please do not taxi through grass”, but it’s necessary

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Please refer to this

I didn’t say I do this, I was saying that others do. Like I don’t taxi through grass but that command is needed for those who do.

“Please do not taxi through grass” is a misc message. His “request callsign change” is an actual message request that requires additional action by both the controller and pilot. Those are two different scenarios.

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Declan, Suggest you re-read FAR Part 121. Controllers require call sign changes in the event of duplication or confusion within there airspace. As the PIC it is your duty to comply. After departing the change sign airspace upon freq chG you revert to yr original plan as filed, revise flight plan or coordinate with the regions you’ll traverse.

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I said the goal of Infinite Flight is to be realistic. Not the people of Infinite Flight live. That’s impossible.

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