Callsign Bug - Please don't use these Callsigns

This bug seems to be becoming more popular by the day… Pilots are managing to make an Airline + Generic + Suffix Callsigns.

(AirAisa CP-LACHY Flight of 10)

I’m sure a few of you have found this bug.
If you are one of the people who knows how to do please stop it, it is rediculous for an ATC either PG or advanced to deal with.

For advanced controllers we have every right to ghost anyone with these Callsigns innapropriate callsigns rule, and I hope others report people using the Callsigns to lessen its encouragement.

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I bielive its people just from before it was patched


There is a way to do it and I’m not at liberty to say how. The issue is still accessible, hence why this thread was made.

Then It was something like you put a space in the number box.

I know how it works, but I use it for realism purposes only.
I combine the Airline ID with numbers and letters to properly reproduce European airline callsigns.

--------[quote=“ChiefPilotLachy, post:1, topic:40697”]
(AirAisa CP-LACHY Flight of 10)


It’s Red Cap ._.

How do you do it?

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The idea is NOT to share that info.


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