Callsign airline


sorry if already requested but

on the airline page for callsign, please add option to personnalize


Airline Flight number plus…

TravelSky 1LN Super

and the atc says " TravelSky One Lima November Super"

or display TSK1LN but say “TravelSky” and not “Tango Sierra Kilo”, like real world :)

its my idea is great?


Try to find words that could match the sound of the letter “L” like " EL"


This would be abused.


Just an example, FDS007 or FDS9er (Sean’s and Dan’s Callsign), they have have “FDS” in their callsign. How would it register “FDS” to say Flying Development Studio? It would be difficult to implement, and in my opinion, it doesn’t really change anything.


If you want the Unicom/ATC to read F D S 22 . Yes, individual letters, enter them as fds22. That’s @John_Preston21 's callsign


i talk just about the airline and the callsign, not how the atc says letters!

First time, i think is a good idea if we can personalize your airline name on callsign, we cant put space in the actual personnalized callsign system and there’s not a option called “Other” in the airline list… where we can put our airline name, for exemple, (Airline = Flying Dev Studio / ID = 22 / Suffix = None) and finally, the atc says “Flight Dev Studio 22” like “Aeroflot 458” in my example picture.