Callsign « Air France Cargo »

  • Hello everyone ! Today I would like to recommend the addition of the callsing “Air France Cargo”.

Why ? :

  • It would be really nice to have it when you fly for example the B777-200F Air France Cargo!

About Air France Cargo :

nice topic


I have to… @Omar_DeWindt CHECK THAT

It would be nice to have, however as far as I know, Air France Cargo shares the same callsign as Air France.

(I know it´s in French, but you´re looking for “Indicatif d’appel” (callsign))


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Also, good request

Looks like something is missing. We need this little addition featured next!

I say… YES !

Air France Cargo doesn’t use that callsign. They use the normal Air France callsign. This applies for most cargo airlines that are part of the one parent airline.


Yes I understand but take as example Turkish Airlines it also uses the same callsign for the cargo but in infinite flight there is “Turkish Airlines Cargo”! @Nathan

The callsign is still “Turkish” though. Emirates Cargo is still “Emirates.” Aeroflot Cargo is still “Aeroflot.” It’s just made like that to match the livery names for these aircraft.

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It is good because when you are in flight you do not know who is coming or going in the sky only AF and heavy specifying this would be good to know who it is.

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Yes, but it would be nice to have it
image @Nathan

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I mean sure, but you can still get the “Air France” callsign by selecting Air France regardless if it is cargo or not. There’s no difference if both callsigns are the same thing.

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@Nathan I think there is. The point of creating this topic is to be recognised as “Cargo”. It’s just a missing callsign, comparing to the rest of the Cargo Airlines they do contain this callsign.

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For consistency purposes, sure. I’m just saying you can still use the proper callsign for Air France Cargo just by selecting the Air France callsign. That’s all.

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Yes @Nathan you are absolutely right, but it would be nice to have it like any other company!

I believe that Air France cargo just use the normal Air France callsign.