Callsign 4500X

There is someone grilling out VATC event on training at KSEA callsign is 4500X. Can someone help please? They’re spamming messages and I keep getting kicked from my ATC position because I can’t respond fast enough.
Edit: Now they took over the tower and ground positions after I was kicked

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Spam them back so they get kicked out lol no not really contact a mod they can help more than any of us can

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Are there any mods active right now? @DeerCrusher, can you help?

He was last seen 25 minutes ago

Sorry, unfortunately there is nothing we can do considering that this is on TS.

Keep in mind that everyone pays to play IF, you’re not the only one.

@AlphaSeven mods can do something… So can more higher up staff I was once in a training session in atc and got a guy banned or kicked I forgot because he was a troll


I hosted an event on TS once, and We had a troll controller. There isn’t anything the mods can do, because everyone has the right to be ATC in IF whenever they want.

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Wow cool… Mods can do things did you not read what I just said like literally less than a minute ago

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@AlphaSeven bro they can for example I see mods all the time even on TS if u are spaming the frequency and ruining it for everyone else while they are present they can do something believe that…

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But this discussion can be over I’ve heard from @KennedyTurner in discord that the troll is gone all is good

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Issue seems to be resolved. Please contact an active mod if trolls returns/persists.