Calls stopping while flying

Just a quick question, is there any way stop any calls from randomly ending while using IF or is this an issue outside of the app?

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On Android/Samsung you can put yourself on Do Not Disturb, someone can probably translate that into iOS language

No i mean like when im on call with someone, is there a way to stop it ending when i start a flight

iOS translator here!
You can go into your settings and look for “Focus.” Now under focus, you can choose one of 4 options and customize them however you want. This includes blocking calls and notifications

As if you’re in a call, then start Infinite Flight and the call hangs up?

If so, that would most likely be a device issue. Never heard of it.


yeah exactly like that. sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t. appreciate the input I’ll have a look as to whether its an issue with my device or whatsapp itself

Depends on what you are using to call as well. For example, discord should work fine in the background when using other apps, your sound may be a bit glitchy at times though

If it’s Whatsapp, it’s an issue there.

Okay I’ll try find a way to sort it, cheers

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