calling to tower.


I know there has been numerous post on this. recent one is bit old. And i have seen an increasing trend of pilots not fully aware of what to say to tower when you are inbound in particular. so heres a short tutorial of what to say when.

First and foremost call tower 20-30 nm out. don’t wait till you get to the ils cone and just say on final rwyXX. so one thing you should never report your position. no controller has cleared you to enter that leg of pattern for that runway. So don’t report position

  1. When there is no approach or requested radar vectors from approach
    select inbound -> landing/touch and go(as per preference) -> send or request specific rwy.
    it should sound like “inbound for landing with info. alpha requesting rwy xx” you always request when you want a specific runway. don’t call inbound on the ILS/GPS/Visual runway xx. thats more like announcing not requesting.

  2. When approach cleared you for ILS/GPS/Visual
    Select inbound -> ILS/GPS/Visual of what approach has cleared you -> runway
    This time you do this "Inbound on the ils rwy xx. the controller (approach) has cleared you for that runway so you dont request to tower again. announce inbound on the ils etc.
    most important when approach cleared you for rwy 24L. dont call inbound 24R. you think data tags changes so we wont know like many yesterday at KLAX. remember we stay in contact with each other while controlling.

  3. when to report position.
    a) when on final around 5nm and not yet cleared to land. then report on final rwy xx full stop/ touch and go. remember don’t report on downwind/base for this reason. wait till you turn final for clearance. controller may be busy. if you haven’t received it by then, then report position. and most times we might intententionally delay clearance on ocassion of possible conflict with other aircraft. we clear you when we feel you are safe to land.

    b) when doing patterns and you want to end it and land. don’t call inbound again. report your position and full stop.

please don’t report your position any time else.


  1. most imp. remaining in the pattern/departing
    There are many post on this. lets put it simple. when you intend to takeoff and land in the same airport by flying takeoff -> downwind -> base -> final -> land. request remaining in the pattern. when you are leaving the airport completely. request departure. and don’t climb above 1500AGL on pattern.

  2. departure after takeoff
    Just don’t do it. you have already requested departure on takeoff. don’t request departure direction again after take off. if you think it looks realism. it looks silly trust me. It is used when you are doing patterns and after touch and go you want to depart to another airport. request it then.

  3. final one. TRANSITION
    don’t request transition after takeoff and some times i see on final. wierd.
    Transition is when you cross the airspace of an active tower. may be in for landing in a nearby airport and descending. it is used then.

Most important of all, these are all already discussed many times in many tutorials, posts and youtube videos. But the problem is many pilots don’t care to learn or improve. please stay on TS then, if not we may help you get there again. atleast for a week if no more.

also make sure you are tuned into right frequency.


Good stuff. Thank you for posting.

I’m getting transition and departure requests a lot recently. REALLY hope those people see this thread. I just give them permission to change frequency instead.

Could you perhaps add that people ensure they contact the correct tower on approach. Lost count of the amount of times I’ve been told they’re landing on the ILS at Gatwick when it REALLY does look like they’re on final for Heathrow lol.


lol never happened to me. will add that. :)

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I really appreciate this info! Still learning on destination atc and this has clarified a few things I was questioning my judgement.

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thanks. its really for you all. to learn and understand this simulator in a better way. :)

Might wanna add, don’t have to request frequency change from ground to tower after already being told to taxi. You’ve already been told to contact tower it’s an unnecessary report.

yeah thats the really imp one. also some change to tower immediately on taxiway itself.

this one was in particular for tower. will make a new one for ground

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