Calling to the Cook Islands (Around the World Series Vol.5) @ NTTR - 061400ZOCT18

IFC Member ‘@BennyBoy’ Presents:

Around the World Volume 5: Raiatea - Rarotonga
NTTH - 061400ZOCT18

Event Description

Our journey across the globe continues with the 5th instalment of the ‘Around the World Event Series’. Next stop: Rarotonga! Departing French Polynesia and town of Raiatea, we head south-west towards Rarotonga, the main international airport of the Cook Islands! We include a surprise with the new TBM 930 as the chosen aircraft for this leg!

Event Details

Raiatea [NTTR] - Rarotonga [NCRG]

Server: Expert Server [V2]
Region: South Pacific
Date: 6th October 2018
Start Time: 1400Z
Flight Time: 2h 11m
End Time: 1630Z

Flight Details

Air Frame: Daher TBM-930
Livery Option: Any Livery
Distance: 607nm
Fuel Required: 4611kgs/10166lbs
Departure Runway: 07/25^
Arrival Runway: 08/26^

^ : Subject to wind conditions on event day

Climb Profile:

1200ft/min @ 240kts until FL110
1100ft/min @ 280kts until FL260


FL260 @ 285kts

Descent Profile:
TOD Waypoint: 2008S/15752W
-1000ft/min @ 255kts until FL110
-800ft/min @ 200kts until FL070
-500ft/min @ 140kts until FL030
Final Approach Speed: 96kts

Flight Plan

NTTR 1643S/15128W 1626S/15215W 1628S/15218W 2008S/15752W HITI NCRG


All IFC and IFVA members are welcome to attend

Departure gates will be assigned to participants upon confirmation of RVSP in the comments section.

Pilots are expected to conduct themselves professionally at ALL TIMES. This includes showing courtesy to fellow airmen during taxi, maintaining proper spacing in flight, and following ATC instruction.

Crew Resources

NTTR Charts:

NCRG Charts:


Parking Spot 1: @BennyBoy - BB001TM
Parking Spot 2: @Gabe_Z - G-ZAGO
Parking Spot 3:
Parking Spot 4:

More gates will be added if needed


Shifted this to events for you mate. Good luck!

Oh gosh sorry that slipped my mind. Thanks!

Would you like a gate?

Also @Gabe_Z would you like a gate since you’ve been a regular contender?


Sorry mate, I never promise attendance as I don’t know my flying schedule with it being exercise season.

Yes, I like to join this event! I won’t attend any event on Oct 13 cause meeting my GF on that day.

Ok that’s fine I have note that down. You have been assigned parking spot 2!

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@Fariz_Rizky you liked the event post, would you like a gate?

The event is 3 days away!


Actually, I’m honest I want to fly with you, but I have to go camping for 4 days. Maybe next time. Hopefully the event you created is going well @BennyBoy 😁😃🙂😉🙏

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The event is tomorrow.


The event is tomorrow! There are 2 parking spots left! Grab them while they are still avaliable!

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The event is in 7 hours time!

There are still 2 places left if anyone wants to grab them!

The event is in 2 hours time!

There are still 2 places left if anyone wants to grab them!

Hi @Gabe_Z,

Unfortunately, the traffic is being horrendous coming back from Cosford so I won’t likely make it back for the event!

You can still proceed with the flight and I will follow you on LiveFlight!

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Hi @BennyBoy I can’t go cause I need to go with my parent to get my 2 cats microchip.

Ok that’s fine I flag this to moderators to be closed. Leg 6 will be announced tomorrow!

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