Calling out the IF Indian community!

Hey Everyone.

I’m just looking for a central place to connect with some fellow Indian flyers on this app. I’ve setup a discord server for it. We can connect with each other on it, people can post what flights they are doing and others can join. Do some events together. Make the Indian skies a little more lively.

This is not limited to just indians. Everyone else is equally welcome as well.

We have a discord group! Anybody who wants to join, just reply on this topic and I’ll send you a private message with the link!

I had the pleasure of flying with some random Indian users who followed my flight plan and it was fun.


@dush19 Join the community^


@RedBulbBlueBlood9911 Consider yourself called.

I shall follow the great @dush19 and join as well 😁


The discord link was removed since it’s against the guidelines. If anyone wants to join, just reply here and I’ll send you the link through direct message. :)


I think I am Indian?

Yeah… I am


Hey Buddy, that Indigo is me! I’m not Indian but I do have lots of relatives/friends their! I was on LiveFlight, after I saw 2 people in the airport I fly to most, Trivandrum Airport, I made it a Point to hop on.


I’ll join! I’m indian ;)

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Hey man! Well sorry I didn’t get to fly out with you. Me and the Air India 787 just landed as you showed up. It was probably the first time I saw more than two aircraft’s at an Indian airport without fully staffed atc. I’ll send you the link anyway, just in case you ever want to do some flights out there or anywhere :)


I would love the link!

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Yeah, I’ll take it to!

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Not Indian (I’m Canadian lol) but I would love to be part of a smaller, more close-knit community, if that would be okay.


Absolutely! Sending you the link!

I am half Indian. can I have the link

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Just sent it! Hope to see you there soon

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Is this event going on training server or expert server?

What?! As much as I support having a group for Indians, I thought IFC didn’t allow Discord server ads.

Am I wrong? 🤔

Not an event. More like a community of people who want to fly together whenever!

You are right. They don’t. That’s why the the link was removed. Anybody interested can just post here and I can send them the discord group link privately

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I am interested in providing ATC services on training server.