Calling All Streamers!

Hello to all, especially to those that stream on YouTube and Twitch! I would like to know who streams on a regular basis, as I am working on a project that may shape the ways that the IFC Streamers do things. Please respond to this thread if you do indeed stream on a regular basis so that I can get an idea.

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Good morning GAMERS!

I occasionally stream on my YouTube channel.

Good Morning Épić Gamérs

hola TB35, VSCOGIRL here. I do streams sometimes, but I’m gonna start daily streams next week

I stream every day or every 2 days. I’m already in the PM.

Ok y’all. Event planning. Let’s host a New Years streamer event

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MaxSez… “Streamers”. That’s a new member capability that gets my attention.
Here’s a question for you? I Stream YouTube to big screen TV daily from my IPad. I’ve suggested FDS/IF provide a like Streaming link capability; IPad/Phone to Big Screen TV. Without explanation “They said no can do”. Tell me true is this type link possible for IF. Is is cost prohibitive, Streaming program/capability a storage eater, some IT Tech problem or just another of my dumb non-IT Techie musing.
Just the fact Please in Plan English, save the bits, Gig’s and whatever for the IT wizards,
Thanks, Max

It is possible to stream what you are seeing on your iPad to your TV. However, you must have Apple TV. If you have that, then from there you can use Airplay to connect the 2 devices together, which will allow you to see your iPad screen on your TV.
If I didn’t explain very well, there are plenty of other guides online that make it simpler.


Hey guys, please do not go off-topic.

@HiFlyer. MaxSez… Thanks or the rapid response. Was aware of the Apple mirroring capability. A bit cost prohibitive. UTube Stream is a freebie. Freebe’s make Max a happy camper. Next solution Pls.
Regards, Max

Eh, because Apple wants to make the most money they can off their customers, they don’t allow any other “iPad-to-TV” streams. Only Apple TV unfortunately.

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Try Omlet Arcade or use OBS.

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