Calling all fighter/military pilots!

I was thinking about making a military event to try to get some people together on IF to create some formation pictures like this:

Maybe have a C-17 or two and then a bunch of the rest of the military aircraft and fly some formations for some pictures. See how many we can get in a formation. Would anyone want to participate?! If you want to join, what would you be flying?[poll name=What-would-you-be-flying? public=true]

  • C-17
  • F-22
  • F-14
  • A-10
  • F-16
  • Spitfire
  • P-38

Dat F-117 tho

Sounds interesting, I will keep this event in view ;)

I am a c17 pilot

Even just one C-17 would be cool. We could make it look like the above photo!

Count me in.

Well I will fly the c17

I would love to. Im F-22 pilot

Would be good for the Infinite Flight Military! @tranquil_skyflyer, go ahead and announce it on Slack! :)

im up for this

That F-117 is actually visible. 😱

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Uh I know that.

Just get the joke… OMG

if this was to happen It would have to go under some real planning.

I agree. We can use this thread for that!

Seems like we would have quite a few people interested so it could make for some epic pictures. I wish we were able to communicated in flight with each other! But for now, like you said, everything will have to be thoroughly planned out on here!

What plane would everyone use? (poll added to first post)

So far we have:

C-17: 1
F-22: 1
F-14: 1

Also not a bad idea to have an ATC?

Good to see you have the Spit on the poll. As long as the timing works for me i will be there in the spit!

Wow, we would have lots of C-17’s!

I be comingith in the mighty dragon F-14.

If we can get this actually organized, this could be epic.

Any requests on what region we should use?!

London because it has alot of military bases