Calling all event makers!

So basically I’m interested in making an event, and let me just say first I am very impressed with some people’s skill with making events. Now, I do have some questions. I’ll list them below here.

  • How do you know what gates to put planes at?

  • How do you find out what routes to use?

  • What makes an event more appealing?

If you have any answers here please leave them below. Thanks guys!

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Hey Reid,

A great source for finding flights to/from an event airport is Flightsfrom. If you plug in most airport’s IATA codes, it gives a list of destinations to/from the airport, providing a schedule, along with aircraft usage and departure times.

This is often the more difficult part of events, unless you know the airport very well; the only real way to find this (and do it accurately), is to watch videos, look at FR24 for taxi routes, and pull data from other sources.

If you have other questions, or need help putting together the pieces of an event, I’d be happy to help. Good luck!

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Awesome, thank you very much!

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The bigger the airport the more appealing it will be. Also pick an american airport. Trust me that will get the most popularity. Try to choose an interesting airport like a GA flyout or a flyout from a difficult airport.

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I find that events in regions with nice scenery and 3D airports (like PHNL or PHOG) get lots of signups!

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I use flight radar for Realistic routes and gates


Thanks for the tips!

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