Calling all Caribbean located IF sim users

Good day to you reading this post. I’m on the hunt for users of IF from the Caribbean to form a VA for our own purpose and possibly speading the use of IF to are passonate flight sim users. Please free to message me.


Please have a look here and contact an IFVARB Member for assistance

And as far as i know every #live:va post has to be approved by IFVARB. Correct me if i am wrong

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Thanks for your support buddy, however when its time to get incontact with the board then ill use your refference.

I just switched the category to general. I dont want to be shout at :)


Hello sir! I can confirm that there is currently a Caribbean VA in the works with the IFVARB so there can’t be another one until a decision is made on the current one.


Well this is good news to me, this post really was to find those living in the caribbean and make it active and possible attracting the Devs to giving here some more attention.

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I visited the VA database to find this such “carribean virtual airline” but I was not successful in my search. May I know the name of his carribean virtual airline so I may join?

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It is in the process of getting IFVARB certified. It is not listed or public yet, not can anyone join since it is not yet VARB approved.

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I’m from the Caribbean, looking to start a Cayman Airways VA if an aircraft with their livery is ever added

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Someone is in the process of apply for Caribbean Airlines and it would make sense to populate it to attract more traffic in the area. Happy to hear from you mate and i do love the cayman island, i lived in george town for sometime back and forward with jamaica

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@Cpt_elpuru Which VA do you want to create?

My aim here is to search and find users of the sim that lives in the caribbean. I was told that Caribbean Airline VA is in the making.


I’m ready, cuz this will be fun! I will join by summer time.

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I really hope this carribean VA isn’t about the airline Carribean Airlines itself, rather an open VA in which they y take any plane you want and cruise around the carribean. Can’t wait to do regionals around Puerto Rico and the lesser Antilles. I would love to do a CRJ-200 flight from TJIG to TNCM! All I know is that I WILL be joining this VA! Count me in!

SXM is my 3rd home and with the Caribbean Airlines VA that is coming, I would personally like to see it being a combination of both IRL Caribbean Airlines but also including Winair and other Main Caribbean Airlines

Im leaning towards Caribbean Airline VA instead of multiple airlines from the caribbean to avoid confusion.

No no, you seem to have misunderstood me. My idea is like an imaginary carribean airline (or group) which has a select fleet doing certain routes. Not many airlines doing random flights.

I am a Caribbean IF user from St.Lucia


I do understand but I dont think we can create “any” VA with our own specific rules and policy, thats Caribbean Airlines is currently dealing with the association as to what replicate of the real life airline. Your idea is a smart one i think, but we have rules to follow. Keep the link as I want to invite those of the Caribbean to be representing their country with events.

Do you use global? Thanks for your reply.

Yh I do use global.I have been playing infinite flight for a while now