Calling all Active KLM Virtual Pilots

I have been looking over at my email recently I have noticed 25/50 members or pilots are inactive as we speak please all pilots that are active please respond to this immediately. A new flight schedule will also be put in place for the 50 members. Pilots will not be assigned a flight but simply all pilots must request a flight from the flight schedule special aircraft will be used for some flights. Private pilots will have their own flight schedule I will also be working on that. If there are any questions pm me or email at

Here is the new flight schedule
KLAX-KSAN 737-700 Flight # KL321
KSAN-KPSP 777-300 # KL890
KPSP- KNUC 787-10 or -9 # KL1076
KLAX-KONT 747-400 # KL210
KSFO-KOAK 737-700 # KL67 Private # KLP 100
KSFO- KSCK 747-400 # KL378
KOAK-KSJC 787-9 #KL7872
KSFO-KCCR 777-300 # KL900
Rest will come soon

I think I might do one now KSAN-KPSP please.

You should get a chat service like slack and discord so all your members can see this instead of posting to the forum and hoping your pilots see it.

which one is better

can you pm me your name or email please so I can find you in my database?

Hello how can I help

Not sure, i have used slack but i hear discord is alot better. I am not sure ask pilots who are in VA’s i bet they use it.

I personnaly recommend Slack. Ive tried Discord, but didnt get along with it as good.

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