called during a flight, declined and now IF has stopped working

I HATE how every-time someone calls you and you decline it while you are flying the game just quits. ITS so annoying like i was about to land after a 30 minute flight and boom i get a phone call, immediately decline the game just froze and didnt work. this has happened before and everytime you get a call, can you please fix this, it makes me mad that i didnt get credit for an almost 45 minute flight

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What OS are you using? If it’s Android, you can goto Notifications, goto options for interruptions and deselect calls.

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but still if shouldn’t freeze/quit if u decline a call. apple iOS 9

Try putting your phone on do not disturb. the call shouldn’t come through

It still comes through when you have do not disturb on. I have had that problem on my ipad and my iphone and i in the end just everytime i wanted to play IF i would have pull out the sim card then put it back after i have finished playing

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what a pain right for a paid app ;(

Put your phone in airplane mode:)


thats not practical, i guess ill live with it, just flying short flights but i hope they fix this. i will also dig deeper and see if there is a thing similar to what @iCoffeeCat said about android for iOS 9

Paid apps aren’t perfect either. I miss the days when there wasn’t paywalls for everything and everything was nice and civilized. Then all the popup ads and banners and F2P came along. Most of my apps are more than 2-3 years old and does not support my iPhone. But they are amazing apps and games.

@DIsraelFDS please sort this one out. Thanks

yea. i wonder how everyone else does it? they must be busier than me in getting phone calls, etc. i guess i can try DND mode

Exactly, it’s a known bug. Not sure when the fix will be incoming though. DND is a workaround.

yea, thanks for your help :). i see u can turn off call notifications on DND mode