Call Signs

Not so much ATC playground and Free flight servers but anyone in the Advanced servers PLEASE do NOT call yourself “KLM 1 Flight of ten” when in fact you are a Cessna 172 flying round and annoying everyone, it makes it way too hard for ATC to know who you are. If you are one of these people, please just take a little bit of time to make a useful and easily understandable call sign.
Thank you.


Are you saying people flying the 172 are annoying? Please clarify, GA flights are some of the most realistic flights you can take in IF.

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No, but I’m just saying that C172 pilots with a crazy unrealistic call signs just make it, well, “Unrealistic”


Don’t forget this, in a C172. KLM 1 Super flight of 10.
Guys, C172 isn’t a Super The a380 is a super!

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And unless you are a group of 10 aircraft, don’t call yourself a flight of 10.

Yes indeed.

As per my previous features request:

IF should just allocate ‘heavy’ and ‘super’ to the callsign if you are flying that category of aircraft.

I’m not sure if the majority of people realise that ‘super’ is in regards to the A380 in IF and ‘heavy’ the 747, 777, A340 etc.

People are flying around using the ‘super’ callsign when flying a 737. It defeats whole purpose of having ‘super’ on the callsign and makes it somewhat harder and more annoying for ATC as you have to manually check the aircraft type.

Can the devs delete the option of selecting ‘super’ and ‘heavy’ and just sutomatically assign it to the correct aircraft when selected?

While I’m on it, why are people flying around by themselves using the ‘flight of 10’ callsign…? Again, defeats the purpose and renders the callsign useless…


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It is to indicate that either the aircraft is Heavy or it is an A380.

I brought this up in the advanced chat no one liked the idea but airliners should be called by what air line they are. And if your flying a Cessna it should be called out as “Cessna 5 2 2 5 delta” not November I don’t use November in real life unless you travel outside the country why should we use it in IF. November only states it’s a U.S registered aircraft and I haven’t heard one person use anything else that lives else where.

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Hmmm, that is not the worse thing I have ever heard, but the current way allows distinguishing between GA and airline traffic.

I wish IF would not make a random US GA Callsign, but instead store your last used one…