Call signs and airport call signs on aircraft

If you can see the pic… The calls signs of the pilots and the airports are are on or going thru the plane. Before the update the signs were behind the planes if you can understand what I’m trying to say. To me in my opinion this is annoying in a way. To stay clear, now I have to adjust/move the cam or turn off the calls signs which I don’t wanna do. I would like to see the call signs but on the plane itself. If you can switch it back, just this only thing… Than cool! If not oh well! Other than that, excellent job on the update I.F. Kiddos! ~Las Vegas @philippe


Only one picture per featur request bud.

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Ya apparently this isn’t a bug it’s a new render
i don’t like it either


Is this a feature request even ._.
I thought this should go to #support

I find long call signs and non sense annoying

In this case the shorter the better