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Lol so when I was being vectored into my destination airport a couple days ago, a user had the callsign “Jellyjam”. How was this user able to get his callsign spoken? Did he pay for the callsign? If so I will gladly pay for mine.


A few years ago you had the ability to have your callsign spoken out. But unfortunately, this was abused so it had to be removed from the game. Those that didn’t change their callsign up to this date can have their names read out.

You were used to be able to do such thing a long time ago until it was removed due to abuse. He likely kept it that way before it removed.

It is always lovely to spot someone with a private callsign. Examples: Mandela1, JellyJam, Levet, Gordon Ramsay, Rogue One, and Sundown (my favourite there, as well as the backstory behind it),


Bok bok chicken and Dilly Dilly too.


Everytime I see ‘Dilly Dilly’ i can’t help but say it in a posh Britisb accent. Dilly dilly old chap!

Also, Staff get their own callsigns read out normally without using the Phonetic Alphabet

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