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I’ve searched the community but couldn’t find help. can anyone help. my general call sign is N2992G. but how can i add call sign that it should be pronounced as a word and not individual alphabet. suppose i tried Nikhil2992. the atc reads it. november india kilo hotel and so on. but i’ve seen other words are taken by atc as word such as lufthansa, flight etc. help.

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If you want words to be pronounced, then you have to go into the airlines tab, and then find the specific airline. At this time you can’t do custom words. Hope this helped!


You may hear some call signs, such as “bok bok chicken” (@Chris_S 😉). Only moderators and staff members can have a custom callsign with a word in it. This measure was taken to prevent inappropriate callsigns. Thanks!


ohk. i understand. i’ve seen some trolls myself getting around me in cruise in f22. and using call sign to talk. they can use it to abuse. thanks anyway. :)


Note that callsigns that haven’t been changed since this update was released can still have the old callsigns where there aren’t any limits. However this is rare as it’s been two years now.


but in Training server i frequently caught some people with spelled callsign like for example "Kuwait Private Jet" how does it possible?

sorry for bad english :)


Here’s your answer, Ouzi ;)

The old rule allows the usage of non cap words in callsign. But for now, only developers and moderators can do that