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How to set up call signs and I actually do wonder how IF deals with bad call signs or inappropriate usernames while on the game. Is it still likely that people can still use inappropriate call sign such as hate message or profanity or no.

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Hey there!

To answer your first question, to make a callsign, tap your username in the top right corner. Then where it says callsign, click the pencil. You can then change your callsign to a General Aviation callsign or choose a callsign for an airline.

In terms of inappropriate callsigns, after implementing realistic callsigns, the chances of it happening are very little. But, I guess there is always a case it could happen. In this case, just message moderators and they can handle the situation if you see one that you might believe is inappropriate.

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Ok thank you

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So i guess they updated the app and call sign system since i know in the past they had a different system and some people did used bad call signs

Yeah. Not only does it fix that issue but it makes the sim a little more realistic.

ok how about display names

You can make your display name your IFC username by clicking link IFC account in the game. To add on to AviationReports, IFATC can also report those who have inappropriate nicknames.

Well looks like that is no longer a issue

I wonder should the worlds pee and poo be blocked from if sim

G-POOP is a perfectly amazing aircraft and registration to use for a flight in Infinite Flight, is it not? 😍


Ok I thought they would be inappropriate

Yes and no. Some obvious offensive things have been blocked in the past and are not able to use, which as mentioned above is helped by the new system, and also is helped by the system recognising many words that would not be appropriate.

G-POOP is actually a blocked callsign (I didn’t think it would be) so excuse me whilst I cry in a corner.

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Ok cause I remember people used to post vulgar words, racist words and a few harassment words while online

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I don’t think this is possible anymore after the callsign system was changed a while back.

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