Call sign problem

So as you know in the 777-300 update if removed creative call signs and now everyone has only limited callsigns. And this has caused absolute chaos especially at ifatc hubs. Because for the 3rd time this week I’ve tried to fly somewhere with atc but I couldn’t because someone else had the same callsign. I really hope that if go back to the way things were in 20.3 because honestly this callsign thing and removing va’s has been a disaster


I understand your frustration. I would recommend having your own personal callsign made for you so that you can stand out. You make it yourself not custom callsign by devs

For example @ToasterStroodie made his callsign OH-HAI and @lucaviness made his B-LUE

If you have the same callsign due to an airline, someone could be flying the same route as you


Is that more a personal choice you’re making or do you believe that you can’t, because you can definitely fly under ATC if someone has the same callsign as you?


At least before we were able to change our own callsigns and be creative. Like Bava, Baw etc now everyone’s stuck with the same callsign and I just wish we could go back to the way it was before. I know it’s not realistic but this is meant to be a game. It doesn’t have to be 100% identical to real life

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Well Philippe did say that they were going to add some things in the future that will hopefully make everyone happy. We just gotta be patient with them

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Hopefully that happens!

We had the same issue before where multiple people could have the same callsign or people changing callsigns mid flight.

To be clear, there is no limitation stopping you from flying with a callsign someone else uses. ATC is able to find the planes just fine.


I totally understand your frustration and I too prefer the old ways. Especially for AFKLM who owns 5 airlines (Air France, KLM, Transavia, Hop, and Martinair). Before, our callsigns were AFKLM ###, but now we have to be (airline) ###AK since we cannot even use VA, so most people don’t even know we are flying for a VA which instills pride in many people. I honestly hope hat they ad VA callsigns in the future.


And I kept my call sign 🤪

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Just as a note - from an ATCs perspective we do two things when giving aircraft instructions:

  1. Respond to an aircraft when it’s flashing orange by clicking on the strip on the side of the screen and giving the appropriate command.

  2. Use the mini map to select an aircraft and give a command.

We do not listen and then respond off that because the sound is often delayed because of the sheer number of commands being read back.

Just some details as to how the callsign system doesn’t cause issues from the ATC side :)

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