Call sign ‘HELLO’

I tried to have the call sign ‘HELLO’ to be friendly and it said this when I pressed ‘OK’. Help?


Its most likely because “HELL” is in the call sign.


I still want to see what a mod says.

Should I tag deercrusher or something?

I can confirm that it is because the word “HELL” is a part of it. Someone wanted to use this callsign before and @schyllberg said that was the reason they couldn’t.

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Maybe? I think he will be helpful. @DeerCrusher

Yes. It’s likely that you’re unable to use that callsign because it contains the letters “HELL” in sequence. Maybe try different variations such as “H-ELLO”. Or something like that.


Try some numbers, to customize it, like H-3LL0 or something of the sort.

How about HELO?

@DeerCrusher can you close this topic? Or anyone? I don’t know how.

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you can say helo(only one L)

oh wait @Hinata said that… sorry

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