Call sign customization

I think this is a bug as it was supposed to be fixed in the last update I thought. Was just controlling KPSP on advanced in the 5 minutes I was there I had. Qwak qwak user name Donald Duck. Hair force user name Donald trump which changed callsign to I can’t read this is highly annoying as a controller. I went to relax that was far from it having to read what I was doing because I couldn’t listen to it. People go to the advanced server for a more realistic experience how is that possible with callsign a like this.

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For my own learning curve, what would be inappropriate? For instance, only using myself, I practiced roundyrounds, T&G’s, at Half Moon Bay today in the Cessna 172 … and I just used a callsign called “SloPokeN1” Of course, just like 97% of all airports in USAmerica, there no radio control … However I used that and stated taxiing to runway 30 made about three roundyrounds and no KSFO even at 7500ft. If this kind of thing is wrong here, I’ll stop and I’ll also need a recommended guideline as I see all kinds of callsign’s. Thank-you

Oh yeah, I was on Advanced Server

That’s not deemed inappropriate but it wouldn’t be used in real life and it could be extremely annoying if you were being controlled doing touch and goes. Every 30 seconds having to repeat it and then 10 other users having something similar doing the same thing.

Exactly, not realworld compatible … no argument … and on the text to speech issue, using British accent female ATC, the registration was very smooth and took no longer then N62LY all pronounced separately SloPokeN1 sounded like “slow pokin’ one” 😎 anyway, back to implementing realworld … Please suggest some guidelines, haven’t really found one on this forum besides debate versus counter debate, bla bla. Thank-you

PS I’ve also used Sulu as in one of the Star Trek movies he needed a helicopter, HU1 (Huey), guy offering asks … You ever flown one of these? Sulu says … Only in a simulator! 😂