Call Sign Chg; TNCM (Princess Julianna)) & TFFG (Grand Case) Island of St. Maarten.

MaxSez: The present Voice Call Signs for; TNCM & TFFG Duplicate. Both use the same mnemonic “St. Maarten”. (Both are on St Maarten Island; “Grand Case” serves as a major GA satellite for the “Princess” an International port of arrival.) The present duplication lend itself to Controller error/Incident. Accordingly, it is recommended the mnemonic for TNCM be changed to “Princess Julianna” and TFFG be changed to “Grand Case” in the appropriate Communication Menu’s.


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That’s because they are both serving st maarteen.

That TNCM and TFFG have the same command name, instead of being independent.


Ditto Nick… Read it again.

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St Maarten/Martin= Island
Princess Juliana/Grand Case=Airports
Also note that the island is divided into two halves. (Dutch and French) TNCM serves the Dutch side while Grand Case serves the French side.

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MaxSez: Thank you Nick… One would think, one would think before putting pen to paper.


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