Call Sign Change; KNZY (NAS-North Island- SoCal)

Max Sez;
The present Voice Call sign for “Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island (KNZY)” duplicates the Call Sign of " San Diego, Int. (KSAN)". Both use “San Diego” as the mnemonic. The Fields are collocates, separated only by a water barrier and share overlapping airspace. The present duplication lend itself to Controller error/Incident. Accordingly, it is recommended the mnemonic for KNZY be changed to “North Island” in the Communication Menu.


This is true IRL, therefore making it a bug. I bug which I can and will sort now for you sir :-)

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Max Sez. Your the man Bluey! Thought it was a Bug, just gave it my best shoot. Lesson Learned. Thanks!

@carmalonso… Please close. Thanks.

All I actually did was rename the airport. Anyway should be here on the next update :-)

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Awesome - thanks @IceBlue!