"Call me at ..."

It wouldn’t be useful if an ATC can tell pilot to resend a message when he earned a specific waypoint?

Example :
ATC : CALLSIGN, call me at LEMOT
CALLSIGN : We’ll call you once over LEMOT, CALLSIGN.


then you would need reminders for pilot and what if that certain waypoint isnt on their fpl

ATC would be able to see next pilot’s waypoint

~70% of pilots don’t file FPL :/


Socal Approach; Delta 728 is departing to SWAGG, request transition
Delta 728; call me at SWAGG, trasition approve above FL130
We’ll call at SWAGG, transition above FL130; Delta 728



LEMOT -_-'
hard research

That is a great feature 👍🏻👍🏻

LEMOT isn’t very far of Bangkok

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Why would you request it then?

There’s no need for this: we have the reminder feature


lol, looks like “le mot” the word

Interesting idea! IMHO, this would be pretty useful.

I like the idea but I think we are getting too granular in commands.In all honesty I doubt that many pilots would take the time to know what waypoints they are headed to. Most people just click on the airport and go.


It would be cool but we don’t use sid/stars so I don’t think this would help.

You used to “call me at…my cellphone duh duh”

Cool request. 99% sure most people would be bamboozled by it though!


It’s call me ON my cellphone 😒

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