California Trip Spotting (DEN, LGB, LAX)

As some may know, around two months ago, I headed down to SoCal to pay a visit to family, root on my Dodgers, as well go to Disneyland. I flew through LAX on the way, and managed to snap a few flicks during my travels. Here is a recap of what I saw.

All photos taken with Sony a7, with a Sony 24-240mm f/3.5-f/6, taken raw out of camera, no editing done. Enjoy!

Click for fuller quality.

PS: I do not want your unsolicited photography advice. Thank you.

Denver (DEN): Because we arrived at night, the only spotting I got to do was on the outbound leg.

N307FR, A Frontier A320neo, Champ the Bronco. She was only a mere four months old at the time.

Icelandair 757, TF-TIR, with the “80 Years of Aviation” Special livery. Very pretty bird.
Long Beach (LGB): My home for the week was just on short final for LGB, which allowed me to capture some photos of arriving jets.

A jetBlue A320, N565JB. It was only fitting that her name was “Bippity Boppity Blue”. Delivered in 2003

Another jetBlue A320, N621JB, Do-Be-Do-Be-Blue, delivered in 2005 to JB.

Yet another JB A320, “Blue by Popular Demand”. N809JB was delivered in 2012. I’m starting to see a trend…
Another one. N520JB, “Blue Velvet”. Alannahs Myles’ A320.
A surprise visitor amongst the jetBlue A320s, a Southwest 737-700, registration N704SW. Delivered to SWA in 1998.

Even though I have many more photos, I know that there is better things to do with your time than look at 20 different jetBlue A320s.

Los Angeles (LAX): I found my self having much more time than expected, so what better way to pass the time than a double-double animal style and spotting. I stopped by the Sepulveda In-N-Out before heading to my terminal, and captured a few photos while I was at it.


N950NN, an American 737-800. She was just over three years old at the time.


N971AT, a Delta 717-200. Delivered in 2001 to airTran, this bird began her career at Delta in 2015.


An Austrian 777-200, OE-LPC. This bird, on a fresh new route, was delivered to Lauda Air in 2002 before beginning work with Austrian in 2007.
N410WN, a Southwest 737-700, with “Bags Fly Free” Taped on to the fuselage.

AN Air Berlin A330-200. This bird, delivered in 2001, has spent time with Sabena, Lufthansa, Swiss, and now Air Berlin, which has been her home since 2011.

An Air China 787-9, B-7878 (Wrong, I know) arriving from Beijing. This bird was the first 789 delivered to Air China and was delivered in 2015.

Unfortunately, shortly after hopping into my cab to take me up to the terminals, an Air France and British Airways A380 passed over, but I was unable to get photos of them. Oh well. There Airbuses anyways, and nobody like those.

I headed back via Seattle, but it was dark when we arrived and no photos came out. It was the scenic route home, but the fun one. It was also my first time flying Delta in a long while, and their service was very nice, especially the options given when choosing snacks, which is the most important part.

A few photos of my trip: Non-aviation related. Was a fun time at Disney with some friends and the Dodger game.

Kenley Jansen dealing.

Cody Bellinger blasting a homerun, his second of the day, enroute to a 14-5 pummeling of the Rockies.

Flo’s V8 Cafe in Cars Land.

PPS: If you are ever in the LA area, go and check out Kogi Tacos, a food truck owned by Roy Choi. It may very well be some of the best food I’ve ever tasted.

I do have an photography Instagram, but it’s not spotting based. Just a place for you to check out some of my best shots from around the world.

Thanks, I hope you all enjoyed!


Lovely photos you got! I especially like the Austrian 777 you got in LA, and the Icelandair at DEN. Btw your Instagram photos are on another level

Nice Work 👍

Edit: as @Ben mentioned above, anybody interested in some bangin’ Korean BBQ, you got to hit up Kogi Tacos, some of the best I’ve had.


Nice photos,I liked the air Berlin a lot


How long ago were those photos? I don’t remember the Dodgers playing the Rockies recently. 🤷‍♂️ (I know it’s off topic)
Youre lucky you get to go to LAX while I’m stuck next to a Muncipal airport (I love it though)

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This was late June, I think the 25th, but I’m not too sure. I just couldn’t be bothered to finally put a thread together for almost over two months.


The Iceland Air 757 is my favorite catch! Nice pics sir ;)

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I also want to point out that Denver isn’t in California 😜 just noticed that so, don’t want everyone complaining ;)

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Wait, so you mean to tell me that I have been living in a different state the whole time?

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No, but you said in your title California spotting trip so I thought I’d point that out, not to say that you’re stupid and I think I’m always right and you’re always wrong

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Definitely some of the best photos I have ever seen, On this community. I love some RAW-Unedited photos. Most photo edits go overboard. Nice Job!!


I really love the colors in that shot of the V-8 cafe! You have the settings for that specific shot handy?

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@cleipelt F/4, ISO 200, 1/80 sec, hand held @20mm.

@Boeing747-8 I do think Denver is in California after all.

Wow, those are some truly awesome photos you have taken there overall!


Can you read the post before giving your tips?

I understand you want to help but when he clearly says:

don’t give him advice! Just enjoy the photos as they are I’m sure he’s well aware they’re backlit. Move along.

Edit: the images aren’t even backlit. They’re taken in the afternoon so the sun is shining directly on top of the aircraft. Nothing he can do about that.


Thanks for the tips, but you missed a few key points of my post. First off, I can’t really control where the sun is located, or tends to do it’s own thing most of the time. I know I can sorta fix that with editing, but…

And also…

Thank you.


I deleted it as it is not relevant to the topic. Sorry about that. Maybe I shouldn’t skim over things ;)

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The denver photos with the mountains in the background are beautiful! :) Nice job mate

Very great photos! So good they have no reason to be edited! :)


Get out! Cubs for life!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics, I really like those JetBlues ;)