California Pacific & Pierre Querries

Hello everyone,

So as most of you are knowledgeable in the fact, California Pacific is now a fully operational battle star…just making sure you weren’t asleep. They are now operating flights between Denver - Pierre - Watertown and down in Carlsbad - San Jose (@BigBert10 bet you’re excited haha). Well today I had the good pleasure of watching the very first trip report done in YouTube or any platform in the world on California Pacific Airlines. Link to the report and all credits to the channel are given directly below.

(All credits to ITripReport for this video) (All credit to California Pacific for logos, etc)

So you may be wondering to yourself: “Robert yes we know this get to the point”. Okay fine sheesh. Coffee does wonders. Anyway I have finally purchased tickets on California Pacific Airlines on their Embrear E145 between Denver and Pierre, South Dakotah. I will be flying out in January and will be the first of my family of 68 relatives in the midwest to fly this new airline.

My Questions:

  1. Have any of you flown through Pierre Airport? If so do you have a map, pictures, or the like of the terminal/airport you’d be willing to DM me? I’m simply curious what the terminal looks like since I can’t find any images or videos on the Net.

  2. Have any of you flown on California Pacific and can give me a detailed breakdown of your time?

  3. If any of you have any further information you’d be willing to share about Pierre, Denver, or California Pacific, can you comment below?

My purpose for this thread is to get down and immerse myself into the world of California Pacific and Pierre and know as much as I can. Since this isn’t something I can find easily, I am deploying all of you as fellow avgeeks to assist me in my quest.

If for whatever reason you decide to flag or a moderator isn’t happy with this, please DM me instead of commenting below. Cheers


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This has nothing to do with that. Read the post please :)


From what I understand, if I’m not mistaken, you want to learn more about California Pacific and their services, right? If that is the case, you may post the questions in the thread linked above and someone will surely leave a reply. If not, I must’ve misread something somewhere

Nope that’s only 50% of it. The rest is in the post itself. Please DM me for more information and let’s keep this comment section open.


Well, apparently according to a wikipedia article CPAir has 4 E145s on their fleet, and apparently they have 2 more on their way. What’s bugging me though is what ended up happening to their E170 they had years ago, never heard anything about it other than it being stored in the desert.

Also regarding California Pacific Airlines, at least based on my own experience inn both SJC and CRQ, they tend to start boarding rather late, but close the door within 2 minutes of boarding, so just be sure not to be too far away from the door as soon as boarding time is stated to start in your paper, even if it doesn’t. Also, bring a snack should you need one.

Do they not offer Inflight snacks? Their website says they have complimentary snacks and beverages.
Also how do they board? Via zones? Thanks for responding I appreciate it :) I’m probably going t be the first person here to fly their Denver routes at this rate lol

Since there were only roughly 10 people on both flights, they just announced boarding, besides its only 50 people so I doubt they’ll do group boarding on full flights. And yeah, I’m hoping it was just our flight that had no snacks, but you do get a full can of drink.

Okay thanks you’ve been very helpful! I actually for the first time hope their flights are not empty because the more people they get the more they can expand and improve. The less people and fares they get the worse it might be.
I truly appreciate your help man! Have a great day :)

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