California Pacific E170

Credit to Victoria P.

About California Pacific

California Pacific is a regional airline that flies regionally out of Carlsbad Airport in Southern California, with Flight throughout California and other Western States such as Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and
South Dakota. They have recently started new destinations to places like San Jose, California. They have been operating for a few months prior, but have recently began to amp up their operations.

About the E170

The E170 is an aircraft that is already in Infinite Flight, but can use some new liveries and a rework. It is manufactured by Brazilian aircraft company Embraer and is part of their ERJ jet series, popular for regional travel.

Why I think it should be in IF

I think this livery is very colorful, and would bring a lot more to the ERJ family, since right now, its pretty barren, which I hope this livery plus a rework of the aircraft would fix. I’m also personally from California, so I think this livery would be perfect for me and other Californians.

Ahh the new airline ;) nice livery hope it’s in IF one day ;)

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Not really new, just a lot more new destinations.

Its owned by Aerodynamics, just new routes. On FR24 the airline goes by a bunch of names. They also use the 145s that used to be flown by Delta


Well I guess I better get my facts straight then lol

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No youre just fine! They are pretty new as it was released to the public pretty recently😊

actually it owns aerodynamics. so the other way around

its a rebrand of Aerodynamics after new routes were needed to start. Caljet Elite did not have anough energy to keep the route going to LAS from CRQ so they decided to terminate their services. California Pacific had enough routes and profit from routes within the Midwest so they had the ability to move into Carlsbad and San Jose.